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r breath for a confession. ( sighs ) jack, you're about to look into a very ugly corner of the human heart. bring a shovel. [captioning sponsored by universal television nbc and toyota. everyday belongs to you. make it count. toyota everyday. captioned by the caption center wgbh educational foundation] ( wolf howling )
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a grim anniversary for the family of missing friends. the ongoing effort to find her body one year after she
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disappeared. >> trading guns for cash. they tried to keep firearms off the streets. 2400 fans here. 2700 fans coming up in a long winds mean big business in san francisco as they cruise liner makes. 35 it's new home. >> a good evening everyone. despite an arrest for her murder the search has never ended up for s-sierra lamarr and it continued today. one year since the south of beit teenager was last seen alive. our reporter is in fremont with the friends and family as they mark this anniversary. >> reporter: the last of the days events wrapped up just a short time ago here in fremont the goal of all of them to keep serous picture interning out there. friends and family marked the
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first anniversary of her disappearance. >> a year ago today the most important person in my life went missing. >> bullet that went missing. >> it's a sad day that i was hoping would never come there is nothing worse than not knowing what has happened to your child. >> last me someone was arrested in her kidnapping and murder. unfortunately he is saying absolutely nothing and leaving it to everyone else to try to figure out what happened to this young girl. >> reporter: thousand helped in the search. some volunteers showed up at nearly every single week. i know -- i can't imagine in times of sorrow everyone wanted to give hope as a family. in fremont where sierra our up
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a fundraiser included live music. there was a video that friends watch on the screen. lublin say they are trying to state-run. -- trying to stay strong. >> reporter: and friends and family want to remind everyone that the reward for information in this case is now at $35,000. we are live in fremont. >> more details now on the man is suspected of and killing her he is currently awaiting trial his dna was discovered on her belongings out of the field and her dna was found in his car. he is scheduled to enter a plea on april 4th. investigators are trying to
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find a suspect fatally shot by american police. donelson way east. officers say they tried to stop a white pickup truck for a traffic violation at the driver took off. that led to a short police pursuit that ended when police fired several shots to lead the male driver. police have not yet said why the officers often been fired. they are investigating the shooting. police continue to look for an armed suspect who shot and wounded two employees of a popular music and dance center. police say two robbers demanded cash and then shot and wounded two employees. both of them were taken to the hospital. after a search of the area one suspect was arrested however the other is still at large.
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>> two gun buybacks netted 600 firearms today. he received 339 handguns rifles and assault weapons from people around the area. they get out more than $50,000 that have been donated for the buyback. once the money was gone gonzo were still accepted but no doctors were handed out in return. >> all of these guns are potentially available through theft or other forms of crime. if even one in the bead and prevented those tragedies and it was well worth it. >> the other department also held a gun buybacks today. san jose firefighters are investigating the cause of a suspicious fire that damaged a racing supply company. the fire at the western roofing supply was reported around 11:00 a.m..
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the fire spread from a small pouch building to main building and that's one person living in a outbuilding was displaced. there were no injuries and so far there is no estimate on damage. also in san jose police arrested a woman and continue to work for her brother in connection with a robbery at the racetrack light rail station. police have yet to track down her brother who is believed to be homeless. she is accused of punching and kicking a female rider last month. you're looking at surveillance video. the first cruise ship to make san francisco its home port is getting ready to depart. the grand princess will travel to hawaii, alaska mexico, and destinations on the california coast. posting this shot will mean an economic boost to the city.
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>> this is the first time in years the ship has made a difference as to its home base. the grand princess pulled into port this morning. once passengers disembarked they faced a long life. >> thousands of new passengers tried to board the ship at the same time to get to a white kid. >> expect to see more big crowd like this getting on and off the ship in the future. >> will be the home port for the grand princess over the next 15 months ringing 100,000 passengers to save and cisco. some passengers about the city with a little unprepared for the first time the crowd. >> are you seeing in san francisco? >> if i ever get to my hotel. >> that pedicabs porters and drivers. big crowd to mean that money.
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it is good business. they hope it will be good business for the entire city. they estimate of the cruise line passengers will spend more than $1 million here over the next 15 months. st. patrick's day is of course tomorrow but safe and cisco celebrated at one day early. the 162nd annual st. patrick's day parade steps off from second and market street at 11:30 a.m. this morning. schools, cultural groups and bands were a part of the parade. then there was a festival held in the plaza. we had lots of pictures from today's big st. patrick's day celebration including those from around the world and you can find them on the images page at our home page. the bay area law enforcement are reminding people not to drink and drive this weekend. our camera caught the aftermath
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of a dui crash yesterday. last st. patrick's day they made more than 300 dui arrest state like. >> an 18-year-old driver is under arrest after crashing her car near the golden gate bridge earlier this night. according to the chp ramirez was driving under the influence and have more occupants of the belts in her car. three other people ran away after the crash. they said ramirez had only a california drivers license for eight days prior to the collision. wide receiver dante to cells with us in the hospital with serious burns tonight after a hot air balloon crashed in key and one other person or hurt after the balloon they were in hit power lines in miami this point. a third person was not injured he is currently a free agent.
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he suffered an ankle injury back in 2000 night he was suspended for the entire season after being convicted of dui manslaughter for a crash that killed a pedestrian. >> little wing is getting more visitors at the hospital tonight amid conflicting reports on his condition. tmc says the rapper is in critical condition at the hospital in la after suffering multiple seizures. several celebrities visited the los angeles hospital to see him. according to reports at the rapper also have high amounts of coding in his system. >> this comes after the british singer postponed his show is different cisco last week and after being hospitalized with double pneumonia. the 53-year-old singer has been struggling with health issues
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when he posted a series of concerts because of a bleeding ulcer. anyone who had tickets to the san francisco show will be given a refund. >> harsh criticism. and how this big gulp help circulate make a big statement. more fallout from the san francisco symphony user should strike. fans are being confiscated for tonight. hello?
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the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on.
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a pregnant head coach of a college women's lacrosse team and the driver were both killed when the vehicle they were in a beard off the pennsylvania turnpike in crashed into a tree. they were going to again. at least three other people are in serious condition. the cause of the accident is still under investigation. some heavy hitters together for the last day of the conservative political action conference. christina boulter reports of the day was heavy on calls to action and criticism of the obama white house. >> a conservative jews who showed up for the last of the
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who's who. nearly a dozen republicans who might be considering a one run for the 2016 presidential nomination were at the casting call. he may be looking for a spot on the gop ticket. announcing saturday he is retired from medicine and teasing the audience with hypotheticals. just say you put me into the white house. >> scott walker hasn't pulled out a 2016 bit for the white house but he said republicans should look beyond washington to find a new direction for the party. real reform doesn't happen in our nation's capital it happens in our state houses all across this great country could to make big a way for some on saturday. he laid out his idea using a candle and play ball. we don't need new prince )- close-paren but we need a lot of ideas about how to implement those principles in the 21st
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century. sarah palen made the crowd roar. it wasn't all jokes for alaska's former governor who didn't pull any punches criticizing the president. barack obama prods the -- promised most transparent ministration ever. but he lied. more details now 2016 may be a ways off but that didn't stop seatac on constructing a straw poll today. he was followed by senator mark o. rubio. rick santorum came in third. chris christie who was conspicuously not invited came in fourth place.
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>> washington state governor booth gardner has died. gardner was a millionaire turned politician. for the passage of the death with dignity law. gardner was 76 years old. >> a new leader of the catholic church here new details about what happened in kind the conclave before his election. he delivered a speech to the thousands of journalists covering the conclave. breaking from prepared comments. the moments when it appeared he would be elected. a brazilian cardinal asked him to never forget the poor. it was at that moment he decided to take the name
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francis who devoted himself to helping the poor. >> francis is a man of peace. he is scheduled to meet with his predecessor a week from today. the simply canceled its third straight concert. they went on strike wednesday. they are upset over management proposal. a 1% wage increase over the next two years. family and friends of the young woman found dead in san jose called a car wash to raise money for her funeral. it does in the people took. she was found dead on the train tracks near west virginia
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street on monday. her family said that location is far from her home and they do not believe that she would harm herself. she was a great person. and a great heart. everybody loved her. >> so far police have not determined the cause of death. one family member said she may have been a victim of foul play and her body dumped on the tracks. >> the police are trying to identify up pedestrian hit and seriously injured in the intersection. she was there just before her caucus what appeared the driver calls 911 he was not arrested the victim was a wearing a black jacket with an orange interior and pattern white pajama plans. -- pajama pants. this crackdown comes after a rise in accidents of reckless
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driving on the weekends especially during a traditional sunday morning motorcycle ride. they plan to use aircraft. those not stopping at stop signs. when it comes to our weather this weekend there is nothing to complain about but there are some changes coming ahead. >> we haven't been talking about rain clouds too much. that will be changing in our private forecasts. outside a few high clouds. our camera is looking out into wind speeds haven't picked up. the chp issue. as far as temperatures they may range from the mid 50s out towards santa rosa. the latest rates now on the storm tracker. just a few high clouds moving in two parts of the region if
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you can see most of the clouds. eventually approaching the next several hours. even a few low 70s. last check they reported 63 degrees. i mentioned the wind speed. they are sustained at 24 miles per hour. and a fairfield wind sustained. the gusty winds will remain in place for this evening. tomorrow is a st. patrick's day. it will be miles out there. tuesday and wednesday rain chances are really going up as we do have into wednesday and some cooler temperatures. first thing tomorrow morning partly cloudy skies some patchy fog. so pull out there. the readings in the low 40s. pacifica 59 and san jose starting out sunday morning at
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46 degrees. this will be our next storm as we do have into late tuesday and early wednesday for tomorrow no rain drops to worry about. some patchy fog to start up to date and wind speeds do approach remaster hour. monday we will pick up the cloud cover. look at what happens to the and onto wednesday. the system approaches. we do bring in the chance of a few light showers rainfall is likely. for the wednesday morning commute. just a mostly sunny skies rough. and then by monday we will gradually thicken up the crowd -- cloud cover. we will continue to thicken up the clouds. shower chances to return to the area on tuesday especially up in the north bay. forecast a time for tomorrow mainly in the 60s to lower 70s. not a big change in temperatures. i could be a little bit cooler and some spots. san jose a forecast high of 69 degrees.
6:25 pm
the semi final game is tomorrow evening. they approached 15 miles per hour. there is a chance of the shower on tuesday. we really bump up those chances late tuesday and into wednesday. thank you mark. spread it joins us next with sports. it's all coming up. well, well, well.
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>> hundreds of balladeers come together as part of a regional day of service. this year we partnered with st. mary's college to specific schools and low income neighborhoods. a big name sponsors include wells fargo, pg and e. and home depot. way to go to everyone that participated in that. all eyes right now are on spring training. they are starting to split the squad to double up again. the oakland ace mexicans unix
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tonight. they allowed 33 hits and 26 runs in a game that nobody won. it sounds like spring in baseball. it jumped up to three-zero lead. josh ties it with one swing of his mighty bat. his third homer of the spring. jarrett weaver a loud eight earned runs in two innings. they go yard. and then still on the second they have a deep thought. the first home run of the spring. each team scored big numbers late in the game. the spanish. they lost 11-five. but cincinnati went seven-six. it's just about to begin. the dominican republic heads into the world

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